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Studio Login

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Being graphic designers ourselves with many years of experience in the advertising & marketing industry we know how unique and uniform brand visuals can maximize profits and establish an affirmative and professional image in the eyes of the customer.
Our design studio exercises a comprehensive approach to a project – we specialize in:

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Visual identity
and communication

Visual identity is key driver for a brand. When working on the visual communication we design an all-in-all branding project that expresses the character and operations of your organization.
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mobile applications

The website and the mobile application are just another format of business presentation. We design them in a visually compelling and uniform way so they are interactive and compatible with the latest UI/UX standards.
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Brochures, leaflets, posters,
banners, menus and catalogues

A good leaflet must be clear, legible, with unique fonts and visually appealing looks. This is how we prepare all materials for our clients.
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Storyboards, illustrations
and interior painting

We are also experts with painting brushes, pencils and other tools of both traditional and modern arts. Our background is artistic and allows us to create better projects for our clients.

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Our portfolio features projects for truly diverse industries as our qualifications are vast and we are flexible. Among the following projects there were logos, graphic designs integrating art painting, posters and comprehensive corporate identity projects.


Login is a creative design studio that combines knowledge with practical experience. We are aware how important online presence is for our clients and we always treat the mobile content with priority. We believe that we know all about design because we know all the intricacies of it. We have an artistic education that lets us implement our creative expertise and follow the latest trends in visual identity and the related design of logos, websites, applications, banners and catalogues. Our offer also includes full ad campaigns, adwords activity, outdoors, storyboards, illustrations and animations.
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We stay with the latest design trends on the market and pay great attention to the quality of our output.
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We value your time and third-party obligations just like our own. That is why we always deliver on time.
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Quality and precision go parallel in all our works. We are fixed on Pixel Perfect.

The service was professional and reflected all customer preferences. Studio Login is trustworthy and I recommend it to others. As a client we hope for a multidimensional and long-term cooperation. (12 Mar. 2019)

Łukasz K.

Full commitment, professional service and everything at the top level. I highly recommend it. Professional in 100%. (13 Apr. 2019)

Piotr. R

Just fantastic ideas, great projects, fast execution 🙂 I highly recommend them!!!!!!!! (13 Feb. 2019)

Anna M.

Great delivery of the requested works, good contact during the cooperation (27 Feb. 2019)

Paweł O.

Excellent service and quality of work. All the best. (11 Mar. 2019)

Marcin P.



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Studio Login

ul Sienkiewicza 66/24, 39-400 Tarnobrzeg
Podkarpackie region
NIP: 867 22 42 854
REGON: 366 513 517

e-mail: biuro@studiologin.pl
mobile: +48 538 315 455
pn-pt: 8.00-17.00

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