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The devil is in the details,
or why it is worth investing
in letterhead paper

Attention to the image of your business can be manifested in various ways. Remember that every detail counts, even the tiniest one, such as branding stationery. If you haven't put much weight on it yet, it's time for a change! You may start sorting things out from envelopes, business cards, paper and correspondence sheets.

If you have been working on plain white, low-weight paper so far, and you thought it was perfectly okay… take a deep breath and hide these pieces deep in the closet. Good and thoughtful branding also includes such details as your company stationery. These seemingly insignificant details help to build, distinguish and strengthen your brand. Therefore, it is a good idea to devote some time to create a stationery set that will make an impression. Good impression!

Show yourself... on a sheet of paper!

Envelopes, paper and business cards with an interesting and well-knit logo referring to the visual identity of your company offer you some additional advertising space and you should treat it as such. After all, on customized company stationery you can – or actually, you should – consciously allude to the logo or motto of your company. This is also a place where you can put some extra information, e.g. contact details. It’s a relatively simple way to win some brownie points from your clients and colleagues. Correspondence or offer brochures with a well thought-out layout and wrapped aesthetically will have a positive impact on the image of your business.

Charm your customers with your stationery design

What should you consider when designing a stationery set? Details, such as sheet weight, will also play a key role in this case. A heavier paper sheet will look better than a thin one. You can also think about some “extra” details. In this case, you can use glossy paper sheets or embossed stationery. Remember as well that the form should be transparent – simple and elegant graphic designs often say more than multi-colored pieces of paper which make it difficult to focus on the message. What customers and contractors appreciate above all is ingenuity. Are you a company that cares about the environment? Bet on earth-colored recycled paper. Ingenuity, like good stationery, is always valued.


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