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The appropriate image is an success enabler on the market. It makes an organisation recognizable for clients who perceive it as more professional and trustworthy.

The key component in image development is the visual identity that should be prepared even before the official launch of operations, so that potential customers will be able to associate themselves with the logo, colour scheme, graphic materials, slogans, symbols or names.

The visual identity prepared by us becomes a comprehensive expression of the organisation’s image.
We are skilful in creating attractive and rememberable logos and know which effects and graphical means are desired most in a given industry. We can create a professional branding strategy that will reflect the character and operations of the organisation.

How does good visual identity help in business?

Our creative team of graphic designers will prepare visual identification for your business. You’re probably asking yourself – why bother with graphics, if you only care about running your business. Contrary to appearances, visual identification has a significant influence on attracting and keeping your clients, which directly contributes to bringing you profit!

How does visual identity help your business? First of all:

  • you’re standing out from the competition,
  • engaging your customers in action (starting the purchasing process by default),
  • it says a lot about the quality of provided services or your products,
  • makes navigating through your own website easier.
However, planned visual identification has to meet certain marketing rules so that it can work smoothly. Observing those rules will help you achieve business goals, especially promotional goals. That is why during design of your image presented to the clients you should consider such key issues as:
  • compatibility with general brand image,
  • cohesive method of communication,
  • fitting in the industry,
  • meeting preferences of the target group.
As a professional team of creative graphic designers, we are well aware that every colour evokes certain emotions and associations. The same applies to using shape of certain photos and their nature. For example, loud red pictures can be associated with aggression, but at the same time they fit perfectly into the active target group. On the other hand, calm photos in connection with such colours as blue will be perfect in the baby care products industry.

Which elements are included in the visual identification system?

Marketing department or external companies promoting your business (such as Studio Login) put together many elements which ultimately constitute the visual identity of the company. All these tools comprehensively bring your business closer to achieving its goals and at the end of the day contribute to your success.

Which elements do we have in mind? First of all:

  • Logo, which is a graphic method of presenting a brand. However, logotype is a graphic mark and a name or graphically designed name itself. For example, Coca-Cola mainly uses the logotype, while Pepsi uses the logo.
  • Colours and typography, i.e. colours and shapes used by your business to build up its presence in your industry.
  • All kinds of prints, for example letterhead, folders, envelopes etc.
  • Promotional and advertising materials, including mainly posters, brochures, leaflets, billboards and much more.
  • Digital media and SM which is your image in the internet, in that case your website layout is the most important, as well as running your social media profile.
  • Appearance of boxes, bags, labels or other elements which constitute the packaging of a product (or a service).
  • Company merch, such as mugs, T-shirts and many more, which are really welcome by the employees, customers and business partners.
  • All kinds of exhibitions, stands, banners or identifiers..

How do you create effective and authentic visual identification?

Authenticity of visual identification can be confirmed by its close connection with method used by the brand to communicate with closer or further environment. At the same time, it can be translated into the effectiveness of influence on your clients, business partners and other entities which are directly or indirectly associated with your company. Check out the process of designing effective and authentic visual identification of your brand.


We are starting from the most important thing, which is getting to know your company, its recipients and the value you want to represent on the market. You have to bear in mind that a company, a firm or a brand is not only for marking your product or service, but first of all it should have an additional value, i.e. it should have a hierarchy of later represented values. Additionally, we get to know the history of your company, your method of conducting marketing activity and your plans for the future.

Establishing guidelines – bases for creative activities

All actions require primarily an appropriate plan with all guidelines regarding the design of visual identification. In other words, in the context of the creation process it is necessary to define the target segment, preferably also to create a personality. Additionally, you have to define its core, nature and behaviour of the brand in order to understand its idea and its perception by the recipients. We additionally plan so called styleboards which help us in establishing comprehensive visual identity and eventually we select a list of elements which are necessary to achieve established goals.

Drafts of your new visual identification

We create them on the basis of earlier arrangements and guidelines. Then, we verify their compliance with established goals and after brainstorm and using other decision-making methods we decide on solutions which are the best fit for your company. At this stage, we also conduct research and tests within the target groups to check whether their feelings are compliant with the objectives.

Last stage of creation process – establishing the direction and implementation

Previous stage can tell us if chosen direction is appropriate. On this stage we can completely re-evaluate earlier arrangements and choose a completely new direction or start implementing your new visual identification so it can quickly contribute to your success.

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