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Visual design
in a nutshell

Brand image is a topic on which we could elaborate extensively. Today we will specifically focus on the concept of "visual design".

We will explain what it is and why you should take it into account. We will also tell you why your brand needs it.

Visual design – what is it?

First, let’s determine what visual design is. There is no one rigid definition of visual design; it is a series of activities that boil down to creating the visual identity of the entire brand.

It includes various activities, such as the creation of a logo, a website, creation of commemorative graphics, the use of specific colors, fonts and formats, as well as designing leaflets or posters. As you can see, the concept is not that simple, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, devising a coherent marketing strategy in this area will make your work on further elements of your visual identification much easier.

We set priorities

As the saying goes, “fine feathers make fine birds”. And this is it: the objective of visual design is to make the recipients, i.e. your potential customers, form an opinion about your company, based on your online and offline appearance.

For this process to be successful and smooth, you need to perform an in-depth analysis to identify what is most important for you and what you want to convey. Who are your target addressees? Young people or seniors?

Do you want to be seen as a reliable company, or maybe you prefer your business to be perceived as innovative in the eyes of your recipients?

Depending on the results of your analysis, you will need to approach visual design differently

Be consistent

Through graphics, you send a message to the recipients and communicate with the community. By building conscious visual identification, you gain recognition and identify your brand image with specific colors or logos.

Beware changing the strategy once chosen – give your recipients enough time to get used to the appearance of your brand. You will not achieve your goal if you are not consistent and each graphic contains different elements, new colors or formatting.


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