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Blog, proces tworzenia strony internetowej.

Process of creating
a website Involve?

Much may depend on it but, believe us, you do not have much time to impress your customers-to-be. The average internet user will spend merely a few seconds on your website. After that, he or she will decide whether to stay with you and your products for longer, or go to the competition. We will reveal some secrets and show you how to conjure up an impressive website.

You have undoubtedly noticed that: you are more eager to surf web pages that are functional, intuitive, transparent and, generally speaking, pleasant to be there. We buy with our eyes –this verity is as old as the hills, and there is no indication that it would soon become outdated. The same principle applies to companies running their virtual stores with products or services. The better your website looks, the better connotation it will elicit in your potential client. So much for the theory. In practice, designing a dream website is not easy, and this fact is best known to those who create them on a daily basis.

Action – Creation!

The first step towards a well-designed website will be a graphic design –preferably one that corresponds with your branding. This is time and place for a creative aspect of the whole process. At this stage, a specific map of your website is created, divided into the main page and individual categories. Solutions are also planned to make it easier for users to navigate the website.

Coding and programming

After this first step, there is a huge work to be done. Now, the web specialists work hard on all the aspect of your website that the customer will see when they come to visit your online business. Professionals know that at this stage a special code for search engines is created, which must be developed in such a way that your website is clearly visible on the web.

Ace content

The next thing to be done will be the content of your website – filling it up with texts and photos. Valuable texts should contain phrases and keywords that will help users reach your website. Then, some tests will have to be performed to check whether the site is intuitive and readable enough for users.And voila! A website prepared this way can be published, and you may hope that your future customers will frequently visit it.


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