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One of the first things you should take care of is setting up a well-designed website. Ideally, it should be a responsive website. What does it mean and why is it worth moving in this direction? In today's article, we'll tell you a bit more about it.

The e-commerce market is a major aspect of business activities and an important channel of goods distribution. The ever-expanding e-commerce sector presents many opportunities, but if you want your brand to benefit from this vibrant online system, you need to do some preparations.

A website that will automatically adjust to the screen

Responsive website, also known as RWD (Responsive Web Design) is a website utilizing a technique that automatically adjusts its content to the resolution of any screen. This means that the website will be displayed equally well for users of laptops, smartphones, tablets and TV sets.

“Equally well” does not mean in identical way, but with the same quality, keeping a clear division into individual sections. This is the greatest advantage of the RWD technology which translates directly into a better User Experience. Convenience of using the website, in turn, means greater chances for online sales and better perception of your brand.

A website that is universal and convenient to use

Responsive websites are versatile and this is their greatest advantage over websites built in a traditional way.

In the case of “classic” websites, switching from a laptop to a smartphone means that the user cannot comfortably use the website that appears on a device with a smaller screen. However, this is not the only advantage of RWD websites!

RWD and positioning

Another benefit is that responsive websites are better perceived by search engine algorithms, giving your site a chance to rank higher in organic search results.

Higher visibility means a greater chance that the user will come to you, instead to your competition. In view of the above facts, investing in a responsive website seems to be a sensible solution that can bring tangible benefits to any business.


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