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Blog, jaki wpływ na biznes ma logo firmy?

How does your logo
affect your business

A logo is a distinguishing feature of every company and the fundamental element of visual identification. It works as a kind of lure that is supposed to evoke positive associations and build trust for the brand from the very first seconds. History shows that many companies have succeeded in creating a recognizable logo.

At first glance, designing a logo may seem like a simple task.Yet,in reality, creating a logo that would contribute to the company’s success is an extremely complicated, and often unsuccessful process. Some brands choose designs that are too complex andtheir meaning is difficult to interpret.Others create logos that are hard to remember.

A good logo always brings benefits!

A well-prepared logo is a clear graphic or sign that fits the nature of the company and the industry it represents. Its aim is to attract attention, reinforce the company’s image, and evoke specific associations. It’s a great weaponin the battle for a position on the market, with the potential to expandthe customer base.

Simple, clear, legible

What are the qualities of a good logo and which companies managed to design their logos with flying colours? The main priority of each brand should be to achieve readability and clarity of the message. Too many elements will distract and make apotential customer quickly lose interest. You surely know the Apple brand logo, don’t you? Rob Janoff’s bitten apple is a classic and a tribute to minimalistic form.
Logo Apple.
Another example of a simple logo style is Mastercard:
two overlapping circles cannot be mistaken for anything else.
Logo Mastercard.

Handwriting or immortal Helvetica?

When creating a logotype, you also need to think about suitable font and typeface. Typography matters and the creators of the most recognizable visual identities in history were aware of it. Examples include Coca-Cola, Disney, or Panasonic.
Logo Coca Cola.

Colours that really work!

In addition to legibility and neat typography, we also need to take care of colours! Most brands choose a blue or red logo, and that’s for a reason. The first one evokes nice associations, the second draws attention. Each colour carries some emotional charge – don’t ignore it! The masters of the colourful logo are, among others, BP and McDonald’s.
Logo BP.


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