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Blog, dlaczego potrzebujesz księgi znaku?

Why do you need
a brand book?

While buying any equipment, we always hope that attached manual will guide us through all aspects of its use effectively and in a friendly way. The same applies to logos. Rules of its use, defining allowed activities, are included in a document referred to as a brand book. Although creating one is not a requirement, it’s definitely worth to have it.

The word “book” might suggest a huge publication, however it’s the comprehensibility that counts, not the size. This document must be practical – even a person with no graphic experience should be able to read all the most important information. What should a brand book include?

Colour scheme

precise definition of used colours allows us to maintain image consistency and ensure that our logo will be always perceived the same way

Layout variants

regardless of whether the company’s logo is going to be vertical or horizontal, it should remain legible, well visible and properly positioned in terms of composition.

Achromatic version

preparing logo variant in one colour allows to avoid legibility problems when it’s not possible to use a gradient or interplay of colours.

Additional variants

sometimes presenting a simplified logo will be more effective than adding it in a less legible form, even if it would be a full version

Forbidden activities

changing background colour, adding shadows or placing elements in the protection area are the most common modifications which may undermine logo integrity. The book explicitly indicates forbidden operations regarding the logo.
Legible and approachable book brand guarantees that integrity of our company’s visual identification system will not be compromised. If our logo is often used in the media or placed in different advertising materials, this document can ensure that it will be always presented in the same way.


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