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One Page or Multi Page

Nowadays, everyone who has a business should also have a website. It provides both a way of presenting the offer and contacting a customer, and moreover, it is an important element of marketing. However, the topic of the website is not as simple as it might seem.

Designing a website starts with choosing One Page or Multi Page layout. Which will be better? How do they differ? What are the advantages of each of them? You can read all about it in our new article!

One Page – a Modern Layout

On One Page website all the most important information is presented in a single block. To read the information, the user only needs to “scroll” down the whole page. There is no need to go to sub-pages, click on tabs or menus. One Page Website may have links that automatically move the page down to more elaborated topics. This makes browsing smooth, comfortable and very intuitive.
This type of layout is suitable for small companies that offer customers a specialized, specific offer. This kind of website will also work well for brands that are new to the market and have not developed an extensive offer yet.

Advantages of One Page Website

This type of layout is suitable for mobile devices. On smartphones or tablets, it is more convenient to scroll down the page than to open a new tab. Other One Page advantages include:
clear linear layout – Single Website requires maximization of content with minimization of the form. Only the most important information is given, making the whole thing very aesthetically pleasing and clear;
grading of information – the most important data is placed at the top and the less important at the bottom. With One Page Website layout, users can immediately find what they are looking for, such as an offer;
ease of use – any user, young or old, will be able to scroll down and find the information they are looking for;
time saving – the entire One Page Website, and therefore all the information it contains, loads at the same time.
But, of course, every rose has its thorns. One Website also has its disadvantages. The biggest one is that it is very difficult to expand it and adapt to a growing company while keeping it clear, readable and minimalistic.

Multi Page – More Complex Design

Multi Page is the opposition to One Page. In the first case, there was one page, here, we have a whole book and even a library! This type of website consists of a homepage and a number of subpages. The homepage usually includes basic information such as the name of the company, CTA (Call To Action, do you recall it?), teasers and a menu. The menu, in turn, links to sub-pages where the offer or products are presented or described in more detail.

Advantages of Multi Page Website

This layout of website is easy to read and user-friendly when viewed on a computer or laptop. It works well for companies that offer multiple products or services. Multi Page Website helps to maintain the readability of your website. The advantages of this layout also include:
unlimited expandability – as the brand grows, so should the website. It is the reflection of the company. Multi Page Website allows you to add more subpages and tabs, e.g. with new products, blog, gallery, etc. With this structure, you can add more content and make it SEO-attractive;
positioning – since we have mentioned SEO, we need to talk a bit more about this topic. The more tabs and sub-pages there are in a Multi-Page Website, the more space there is for content. And the more content there is, the more densely it can be saturated with phrases, i.e. keywords that are recognized by the search engine;
building of trust – Multi-Page Website is the classic layout to which users are accustomed. It particularly suits those who frequently use computers and want to have a good overview before making a purchase decision.
The disadvantage of this solution is the fact that it is less suitable for mobile devices. In addition, a large number of tabs can be distracting, and it takes a lot of effort to create a multipage website. This is because content needs to be updated and supplemented regularly.

One Page or Multi Page?

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the needs and preferences of the site owner. However, the layout should reflect your business and meet the needs of your target user group.


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