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Blog, czym jest rebranding?

What is rebranding?

Sometimes, each of us needs a change. The same is true about your professional activity. If yourbusiness has stopped growing, new clients are fewer and fewer, and the strategy you adopted does not work anymore... Maybe it's time for a small earthquake and rebranding? Change of your image may work in your favor, whileyour refreshed visual identification will give impetus to other positive changes within your business.

Be bold! Rebranding may be your chance for a new opening. Each company has its own unique branding –a logo, colors, motto, packaging, theme font. Branding consists of many characteristic elements that build your brand awareness in the eyes of consumers. Everyone is familiar with a red background and the characteristic white inscription “Coca-Cola” or with a large yellow “M” –a hallmark of a certain hamburger chain. These are, of course, quite sophisticated examples, but they show how important it is for the perception of your brand to develop graphic solutions that will give a vivid image.

Bet on rebranding

Okay, but what can you to do if the strategy you have implemented is not effective?Your clients do not recognize your logo and slogans, and they do not distinguish you from the competition. In such a situation you can resort to rebranding, which will refresh some or all visual elements of your brand. Rebranding may also be necessary if the profile of your company has changed, it has been taken over, or in order to signal some major changes, e.g. the introduction of a range of new products or adding a new service to expand your business.

Prepare yourself and act!

It is good if such a transformation is preceded by research on a group of consumers. This will help to determine the right direction for the changes and will show you what elements of your previous branding failed to work properly. When planning a new visual strategy, be serious and thorough –marketing history knows many cases of totally unsuccessful rebranding. You don’t want it to happen to you, do you? You also want to beware of being a slave to your current image. You may feel attached to it, it may evoke nice memories –but it’s not good to be sentimental when running a business. Don’t be afraid to break with the current image of your brand –it seems to be a risky game, but often proves very profitable.


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