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Image is also the basic form of filmmaking. The process of a movie creation depends on the illustration.

In order for the director, set designer, and camera operator to be able to better imagine what should be placed in the frame, a so-called storyboard is drawn up.

What exactly is a storyboard?

Storyboard is one of the preliminary stages for the film, and is usually made after the script and the descriptive script have been written. A storyboard is a pictorial version of the script, that is, the plan of the filmmaking, its subsequent scenes, scenography, or camera shots.

The illustrations that are part of the storyboard create a sort of a comic book that sketches a particular shot or the whole scene before it is shot. A storyboard is a simplified form and support during the filming, which shows the director’s vision and the combined ideas of other creators, such as camera operator and set designer.
Storyboard, przykład graficzny.

How is a storyboard created?

UI, or User Interface, is a more “technical” concept. It can be understood as all the tools that the recipient uses, and, by using them, interacts with a digital product or service.

The task of the UI designer is to create such functionalities and interface that will allow the user, in an intuitive and simple way, to discern the advantages of the presented item, regardless of what it actually is.
Storyboard, przykład graficzny.

When is storyboard used?

This form of visualization of ideas is not made for every movie, but it is useful, for example, when preparing animated films or films in which special effects are to be applied. Using storyboard, it is possible to plan the placement of items that will be digitally added in post-production.
Storyboard, przykład graficzny.

In addition, the storyboard is used, among others, in:


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