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Blog, jak stworzyć odpowiednie logo?

How to create
a successful Logo?

Are you planning a rebranding?Or maybe you are taking the plunge and just starting working on the visual identification of your brand? No matter at what point you are and what you do, do it with greatest care! Put enough time or energy to create the perfect logo. It will "represent" you wherever your advertisement, product or service go.

It is difficult to determine when the history of the logo began in the sense that we perceive it today. It is certain, however, that it is the most important identification mark of any brand, and it can do a lot of good, but also … a lot of evil. An inappropriately designed logo may cause potential customers to give it a wide berth.

The first step is most difficult

When starting working on your logo, it’s good to sit down, with a pencil and piece of paper, and write down who is the recipient of your offer and what you want to achieve by showing everyone your sign. It’sthe most essential thing but it’s often overlooked. These first assumptions will be important for the next stages and will serve you as a signpost. A company with traditions that has been involved in crafts for generations will use different means of expression than a company producing car tires, or a startup operating in the field of computer games.

Logo, it’s time to start!

A logo is a depiction of your brand’s style and the values that you represent, in a nutshell. Keep this in mind as you proceed with further work: when choosing typography, shapes and colors. Never exaggerate! Your logo, if you want it to be successful, must first of all be unique, legible to recipients, and memorable. Yes, it should also be attractive to you, but let’s face it–it must, first of all, appeal to the tastes of your potential customers.
Projekt logo wykonany dla Marcina Jońskiego.

Get to work, and good luck!

Now get to work– gather some ideas and discard those that have too many elements, rich symbolism, and cannot be recreated without remembering many details. It won’t work. Simplicity is crucial here. The winning design must also be universal – it will “live” and function on different kinds of materials, spaces, and will appear in various circumstances. The temptation is big, but try to avoid fashionable elements as well. Fashion will pass, your logo is to stand.


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