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Blog, typografia - aranżacja języka w wirtualnym wymiarze.

Typography - language arrangement in the
visual dimension

If you thought writing valuable content for your company's blog was enough, or if you were convinced that an interestingly worded hotel offer would speak for itself, then you might be disappointed. Good content for websites, social media or leaflets is the kind of message that conveys a message, but also looks good.

Why typography is important?

The basic purpose of typography is to create content that is both attractive and legible. The recipient will want to experience our if the content is refined in terms of graphics and can be easily read. Isn’t that simple? Not exactly. The most common typographical errors include excessive complexity or excessive simplicity. We have to bear in mind the golden principle, which can bring us benefits even here.

Typographical basics

So, what can we do to encourage a user to stick to our text? To achieve the goal, we need to use the secret weapon of every typographer: font, typeface, color, etc. Times New Roman, Georgia or Arial – this type of font is familiar to everyone – but to stand out we need to use a different typeface family. Automatic word-processors give us a lot of room for improvement. You’ll find elegant serif fonts, handwriting imitations of script cut-outs or sans-serif fonts without any ornaments. We can experiment with them, pair them up, remembering that different types of cut should be supported by contrast – this is a proven typographic trick.

Typography is more than just a typeface

While working on the project, let’s not forget about small details – in spite of appearances, they can be quite significant in the reception of the text. Let’s think about the most optimal tracking, i.e. the density of signs, kerning, which will determine the properties of light between pairs of signs, or justifying and interlining. Properly selected parameters will make the whole content clear and comprehensible. It is also important to divide the whole text into blocks. They can’t be too long – narrow columns of up to 72 characters are preferred.


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