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A color thatmakes
a lasting impression

Today's topic is quite… colorful. We will be discussing one of the aspects that will help you create a recognizable logo, consistent with the "personality" of your brand.

Colors play a significant role in this process, and choosing a color to represent your business is a strategic decision with far-reaching consequences. It can bring many benefits but it can also cause serious harm.

Palette of Colors

Being aware of the significance of colors in the process of developing brand awareness and recognition should be a starting point of your pursuit for the perfect color for your brand.

The potential and power of color has been confirmed by numerous studies on consumer groups. The participants of the above-mentioned experiments had a problem with recalling the brand’s logo but most of them remembered the color palette used by the company.

The conclusion is evident–color in the context of the brand’s visual identification is a major aspect that you have to take into account.

How well do you know your brand?

If you’re at the stage of looking for the perfect color for your brand or if you want to do some rebranding, prepare for this task as if you are preparing for an important exam.

First, think of your brand as if it was a “living creature”. Answer the question: what is it like, what are its features, what distinguishes it, what values does it represent, and what emotions does it evoke? Got it?

Great! Now you can envision by what colors your brand personality is best expressed, and how you would like it to be perceived by consumers. This will help you choose a perfectly tailored color for your brand’s needs.

Go scouting and check on your competitors

Let’s move on to the next stage. Take some time and analyze the colors used by your competition. You will notice some patterns – most of the companies operating in your industry are using a similar range of colors.

Naturally, this is not coincidence. The medical industry is usually represented by blue or green color, the insurance industry preferably uses blue shades, while the legal companies use gold or burgundy.

Typically, it is a good idea to use a color similar to the color palette characteristic for a given industry, perhaps with a slightly different shade so that the company image remains coherent.

Does risking pay off?

If you have the soul of a gambler, you can risk and bet on a color that your competitors avoid. Sometimes, such bravado brings good effect, for example in the case of Link4 insurance company, whichuses purple and pink in its logo.

Despite the fact that most companies operating in the same industry use shades of blue in their logos, this brand took a chance, chose more distinctive visual identification and… it was successful. However, you can never be sure, so if you plan to stand out by using color, be warned –the end result is unpredictable.


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