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Blog, projekt w trendach czy ponadczasowy?

What design to choose
Trendy or Timeless?

Namely: is it more beneficial to create a design in accordance with current trends or a timeless one? Each of these options has many advantages, so it is not easy to choose one of them.

In this article we will present some advantages of each style. We hope that it will help you make your decision.

Features matter!

Before you move on to making choice between trendiness and timelessness, it is worth considering what the purpose of your project is. Only then you can consciously choose the style corresponding to the form and type of message.

A movie poster, for example, is intended to intrigue the recipient, and, at the same time it is a symbolic representation of the content. It refers to the plot or the protagonists of a given story. For these reasons, it should contain some “mandatory” elements, such as the names of the creators or the photo of the main character.

Additionally, it should be presented in an attractive form that differentiates it from other posters. This definitely affects the aesthetics of the whole concept. Such a composition will automatically becometimeless due to the use of the required recurring elements.
Projekt ponadczasowy.
The same happens when creating a logo, regardless of whether it is in the form of a graphic, text, or symbol. It is used to identify a company or a given brand and for these reasons its design should be appropriate, that is easy to remember. Consequently, the logo will require a specific style, which we will discuss later in the article.

Therefore, you need to start from considering what effect you want to obtain. Once you define the goals of your design, it will be easier to choose the right style.

Now let’s discuss the advantages of each of the title options!

A composition in line with current trends

Undoubtedly, its greatest advantage is the fact that afashionable logo or layout of the website, as opposed to a timeless one, will most likely appeal to a large number of recipients. Choosing a design that goes in hand with the trends, you automatically adjust to the recipients’ expectations and preferences shaped by current fashion.
Blog, projekt w trendach czy ponadczasowy?
A design that corresponds to the trends also communicates metaphorically that it is up-to-date and “not behind”. This increases the company’s credibility and attractiveness.

In addition, the designs that are currently trendy are legible and therefore easy to remember. This effect is achieved by the use of appropriate measures, including:
However, when choosing this option, there is one more thing to keep in mind. This is the fact that your composition may become similar to other designs that are based on current fashion. Therefore, it is likely that even if your design look trendy, itmay result in difficult identification and reduced recognition of your brand.
The use of current trends will prove useful when designing product packaging,especially if your packages are not intended to attract customers for a long time, but, for example, only for one season. Therefore, graphic ads for products in limited collections, leaflets, or store catalogs may successfully use a modern-day design, corresponding to the current trends.


A traditional design will certainly resist dynamically changing trends. It will be fulfilling its function for many seasons, while remaining attractive for recipients. In this respect, the classic choices are “safe”. After all, we all sometimes raise our eyebrows in surprise, and think “How could I like it?” and we return to good old trends. Timelessness limits the occurrence of this type of reaction. In addition, over time, the classic design of a long-established logois remembered by recipients who become attached to this, and not to more trendy form.
In addition, this type of a project can be targeted at a wider audience. The classics suits both young and old. It should also be mentioned that the advantage of the timeless solutions is their legibility and a sense of stability. The use of well-known solutions increases the company’s credibility, and the professional design translates into the trust of the recipients.

What makes your composition timeless? Among other things:

The use of classics will be beneficial in industries wherethe atmosphere of elegance is important and for those who do not plan big changes in the near future. We recommend timeless solutions when your goal is, for example, to create a website layout for a store with antique furniture, or a poster for a concert in a philharmonic hall.

How do I choose the best style for me?

Remember to take into account the aesthetics of your company and what is most appropriate for it (and its purpose, as discussed earlier in this article) when you decide between timelessness and trendiness. When creating a project, it is not worth being guided only by timelessness or only by fashion, forgetting what is truly genuine of your own company.
Projekt trendy.
We do not recommend giving up your corporate colors, for example green, only because yellow is now fashionable. Or, removing green color from your logo and deciding on an advertising campaign based on black and white, because these colors are classic. However, if your company’s showcase is the dynamic development or diversity, you should not stickstrictly to timeless solutions. In such cases, being trendy and up-to-date will be more beneficial foryour advertising campaigns, posters or websites.
Think about what is unique to your company and emphasize it instead of giving it up!

Let's summarize, when should you choose trendiness and when timelessness?

Choose one of the two options by considering which one is more in line with:


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