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Blog, odpowiednie logo kluczem do sukcesu.

Adequate logo
is a key to success

In everyday life we often rely on associations – associated connotations instantly appear in our head after we hear a given word or see a picture. Some of them are universal and they can be rooted in our culture or result from personal experiences, but they always make an impression on us and evoke emotions. This exact mechanism was used in a marketing industry while creating a logo.

Logo = nice symbol and some letters?

Combination of the graphics and the slogan representing the brand is first of all supposed to help in visual identification of the company and it has to symbolize it. It means that it can’t be just a nice-looking mix of colours and letters. Obviously, it won’t hurt if the logo is visually attractive, but you have to strive for more while designing it. Our logo should convey a clear and readable message to the recipient. You can notice a certain similarity between a company logo and a title of a work – both can’t be on the nose and have to be concise, while being intriguing and interesting. Most of all, they have to be closely related to the subject matter.

Company image

Company image is a set of opinions, associations and feelings of users towards the company. Does the logo affect the image? Not directly. If the design is interesting, it can increase prestige of the company, however “cute” symbol is not enough to evoke positive associations among the users. Logo is supposed to be more of a tool to systematize the image and evoke emotions associated with the company at that moment.


Uniqueness of the logo is also a very important factor. Several similar company symbols functioning within one industry will not positively influence visual identification of our business.

Building a brand

The brand is built on many levels. Adequate logo is only one of them, but it is most often a starting point for everything else. Moment of creating a company symbol is a symbolic moment, when the business idea becomes something tangible and real.


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