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UX i UI - the perfect match

Today we will talk about two mysteriously-sounding abbreviations: UI and UX. Each of us has already seen them, or heard about them, but when it comes to details...

Don't worry, we will help you catch up, especially that deciphering these two concepts is not as difficult as it might seem.

User Experience – what is it?

In the 1990s, Donald Norman, an American guru and specialist in the broadly understood and complicated human-computer interactions, coined a sentence that is still considered by many to be a neat definition of UX that stands for User Experience.

According to him, “user experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” Nice, neat, and to the point.

To elaborate on this idea, UX is a collection of subjective feelings of users that they experience when interacting with a product or service – both positive and negative. This concept covers the world of impressions, emotions and feelings.
Przykład UX.

User Interface – focus on the functionality of the solutions

UI, or User Interface, is a more “technical” concept. It can be understood as all the tools that the recipient uses, and, by using them, interacts with a digital product or service.

The task of the UI designer is to create such functionalities and interface that will allow the user, in an intuitive and simple way, to discern the advantages of the presented item, regardless of what it actually is.
Przukład UI.

UX and UI – the perfect match

User Experience and User Interface cannot live without each other. There is a certain synergy between these two broad concept, the interruption of which may result in… a complete failure of the project. While UI may make users come to you, without UX, no force will keep them.

The products created and related digital management systems, which enable the interaction between the recipient and the product, must be aesthetic and functional at the same time. One without the other doesn’t make much sense.


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