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Blog, key visual i spójność graficzna twojej marki.

Key Visuals and graphic
integrity of your brand

You run a forwarding company, service point with laundry, an intimate hotel or maybe you are a fruit juice manufacturer. Actually, we don’t care what kind of business you run. We know that you’re doing the best you can. We're going to help you "wrap" your brand, because you could forget about it having so much work, right? It’s going to be nice, clear and cohesive. Because this is exactly what a good Key Visual is.

Key visual – a key to success?

First of all, we have to do some explaining. What exactly is a Key Visual and why do you need it so much? As you can probably figure out, “visual key” of your brand is a collection of pictures, icons, colours, typography, illustrations, text layout which will be specific only for your product or your service. In a nutshell, those are general graphic elements which you use every day to mark your offer. Your clients recognize your company from those elements and they have opinion about you on that basis. Those elements can encourage someone to use your services, but on the other hand they can make a potential client quickly resign from the purchase after visiting your website.

Show people the bright side of your brand

Key Visual needs to meet certain criteria to support creating a positive image of your business. Rules of creating such content are simple, but our experience shows that there’s a lot of catching up to do here. Good “visual key” is simple, clear and distinctive. It also has to be versatile – it’s necessary, because you’ll use it while creating social media content, designing leaflets, posters and your store. In each of those places your brand has to be flawless and send a consistent message to the recipients.

Make a good impression

“Fine feathers make fine birds” – that popular saying is true not only with regard to personal relations. Companies with brand graphic integrity will always win over the competitive companies neglecting this matter. Even if that doesn’t convince someone to use your brand, it will surely leave a good impression and it seriously means a lot.


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